Have you ever seen a UFO? I have. Several times. No one believes me though. Where I grew up, UFOs were ubiquitous. I was always infatuated with things unknown, unseen, speculated. It beckoned, it fired up my imagination like nothing else. A memory from my middle school creeps in. My best friend and I had an argument. I was stricken with melancholy and moodiness most of my growing up years. I always wanted to run away, be kidnapped by the aliens, anything… I just wanted to get out of my head. That night we made a bet, that an unidentified flying object will come for me and take me with. She said it will never come and I said it will. I sat by the window for hours, staring up into the night sky and waiting, believing. Thinking, that if I want it very much it will happen. The saucer never came and I left being grieved and disappointed. That was the night, when a seed of uncertainty was planted deep within me. A seed that would grow it’s branches through my veins, all the way to my brain, and make me believe that things can never go your way, you don’t have control over anything, unbeknownst doesn’t exist.

When I was rummaging through photos from 4th of July, I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t see fireworks. I saw beautiful creatures descending to our earth, taking over our planet. I saw myself as that kid once again, sitting by the window and seeing and believing in things that other people couldn’t see or believe. This time I wasn’t scared or disappointed. This time I was content and happy. This time I’ve had an emancipation of my own. I realized that this fucking tree of uncertainty was no longer there. This time I wasn’t afraid to believe and fantasize, I wasn’t afraid to see what others couldn’t. This time my alien homies came through. This time they came for me and got me out of my head.