F U…



I never loved you.

The only way you knew how to teach is by slapping.

You were never kind to me, never tolerated my mistakes.

When I started living separately, you felt the pull. Or lack thereof?

I started changing. I started looking in the mirror and not seeing the ugly duckling you were telling me I was. I started to embrace myself-
the one that you’ve been always trying to suppress.

I never loved you either.

I know it’s the worst thing I can tell you, and that is why I am telling you.

I never loved you either.

The thing about selfish people is they can never see the other point.

You are selfish.

You felt in power when I was powerless, and that makes you weak.

You prayed on my insecurities, and that makes you evil.

They say a child will always love it’s mother.

It’s not true, because I don’t.

Since the truth is the only genuine thing I could ever gift you,

I give you it.